Throughout the last few years there have been some amazing collaborations at the Brown Street Gallery. Some of these collaborations have been site-specific installations such as the one by artists Teresa O’Connor and Don Miller. Don Miller created a series of photographs capturing colors and textures that would be used as a pallet for a site specific installation.

news-site-specific-installationAfter the images had been taken, the photographs were then sent to San Francisco based artist Teresa O’Connor for her to work with in her studio. After developing the conceptual frame of the piece, the installation was ready to be executed. At the studio, Teresa installed the piece and worked with Don to resolve the complication of the installations, most notably the window and the blank wall. Together, they figured out a way to balance the tension between the density of the center and the breaking away of the rays, with the isolated placement of a couple of key pieces within the empty field of the white wall.