Katie Lockhart, b. 1981

Katie was born in Great Falls, Montana and has cerebral palsy which limits her leg and hand motion. After years of extensive speech therapy she has remained nonverbal and expresses herself through the use of a voice communication device. In 2003, Katie began attending the Napa Valley Support Services Brown Street Gallery. Initially Katie had no interest in art making and would become very agitated when presented with any tools related to art. With the encouragement of her instructor, Katie is now able to pick up a brush and create work for 10-20 minutes a day, a practice which took almost three years to cultivate. Katie picks all her own colors and each piece can take between one sitting and two weeks to complete depending on the size. Her paintings take on an ethereal quality as she paints color over color — usually three to four colors are chosen. Nearly all of Katie’s work has a unique blending effect that has been called “dream-like”, “otherworldly”, and “hypnotic”. Katie’s work has been exhibited locally at Artifacto and Brown Street Gallery.