news-bsg-artists-visit-musuemEvery year Brown Street Gallery (BSG) artists make day trips to local museums in the San Francisco bay area. These trips provide interaction with artists and art lovers alike, broadening the audience and asking the questions “What is art?” and “Who shall provide it?”

Napa Valley Support Services (NVSS) continues its support of free expression in adults with developmental disabilities. In 2009 BSG artists made day trips to the Sonoma Valley Museum of art in Sonoma and to The Hess Collection in Napa.

The Sonoma Valley Museum of Art featured local to international artists in many mediums. Some included painting, drawing, and sculpture. BSG artists were particularly intrigued by the three dimensional lion’s heads sculpture made from paper and the art made from towels. The artists continued their trip by walking the historical Sonoma town square district, patronizing a local deli and lunching in the park.

news-bsg-artists-visit-musuem-4The Hess Collection featured very visually stimulating works. Three works that stood out to BSG artists: the flaming typewriter, the incredible life-like portrait paintings and the life-size platoon of headless mud men. Another feature of the gallery building was the glass elevator which sparked great discussion.

These day trips are important to initiate discussion about using different mediums and to inspire creativity back at the studio. They also help our artists realize the importance of art in our community.